Some replica bag designs will not out of date

I have seen sneakers and the quality seems too good to be fake.
Yes. One of the reasons I started buying them is because Jordans are sometimes made in very limited runs or when a championship pair is made they ask you for 400 or 500 euros. And I just want a pair of sneakers. That’s why I started buying them.

What is your favorite item?
Many of the original Jordans that Michael Jordan himself has worn. Or a Supreme box logo hoodie. But what I like the most is the cologne.

Oh yeah?
Yeah, you don’t have to spend 100 bucks. With 35 you have exactly the same ingredients. I started buying it at flea markets, then Wish and iOffer and places like that, and damn, they’re nailed. I would go to the perfume stores to try them and then I would buy the imitation and it was exactly what I wanted. I don’t know how they get the ingredients, but they are very good.

Why did you start the Fashionreps subreddit?

There was one for sneakers and I saw that there was a demand for one that would cover imitation clothing. I thought it would be cool if it became a well-known channel one day. Every morning I turned on the computer and tried to make it grow, put topics to generate debates and see what people asked for.


Yes. Then one of my friends, who is a moderator, said that he could earn money if he advertised certain vendors. So they started paying me. Every month I took about 500 euros. 

I was buying crap that I didn’t need at my age (15), like $300 Counter Strike knives .

How many garments in your closet are imitation?
If I’m honest, almost 80 percent. All my shoes… Maybe I have a pair of authentic SBs and two or three pairs of Jordans. The other 35 pairs are imitations.

How much money do you think all that is worth?
Damn, I have no idea. I recently spent €180 on three pairs of sneakers and another €80 on a Supreme hoodie. But I also got about 700 euros worth of free clothes per month [from forum vendors]. I even have an imitation Rolex that I took to three expert watchmakers and none of them realized it was a replica.

Do you think buying imitation clothes is morally wrong?
As long as you don’t want to pass it off as authentic… If you try to con someone by telling them it’s real, that’s where I see a problem. From what I’ve heard, the new imitation Off White belts are perfect replicas, so anyone could make a fake receipt and sell one on resale sites as if it were the real deal. I don’t see any moral problem as long as you know what you’re doing.

Post time: Apr-05-2022