Fashion Brand Backpack Ladies Elegant Bags

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Fashion Brand Backpack Ladies Elegant Bags

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Available: in Stock
  • Shipment: by Air and 5-10 Days
  • Price: us$ 12.5
  • Color: 6 colors
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    Size - 26x13x30cm (Length x Height x Width)

    Design - for Lady or Man

    Material - PU leather

    Weight - 0.51kg


    Clients remarks: very nice!

    I like it, I exceeded my expectations. Good quality materials. Good size for your inner bag Good quality and good accessories. Space is what he needs, so I won't give him too much. I like myself. I hope the upper opening is locked, but on the whole, the handbag is well made and beautiful. September 3, 2022


    Good product quality price ratio

    It is much more beautiful than the photo, although it is medium size, has a lot of space, and the middle of the segmentation can be separated. This tape is adjustable, very beautiful, and of good quality. The only disadvantage is that it is useless to place or fill heavy objects in the area where the sling is easy to break. August 2, 2022


    It is perfect and of good quality!

    I like this bag. It's beautiful and perfect! I'm surprised, because in fact, I don't think its price will have good quality, and the result is just the opposite. I like my bag very much. I will buy it again. Now it's another color. June 20, 2022

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