Supreme, Rolex, Nike: Everything I wear is imitation and nobody notices

“I have a Rolex replica that I took to three expert watchmakers and none of them realized it was a fake.”


You can spend 1,900 euros on a Louis Vuitton Monogram Tulle t -shirt or you can go to a Chinese website and buy a knockoff for the same price.

The world of urban fashion is full of imitation garments ranging from Adadis sneakers like the ones they sell in the top blanket to perfect replicas almost impossible to distinguish from the originals. I, for example, recently bought a very comfortable Supreme hoodie (resale price of 400 euros and upwards) for just under 40 euros.


When it comes to streetwear, wearing knock-offs isn’t that frowned upon, although there will be people on the internet who put too much stock in a pair of ’90s sneakers and laugh at you. This led me to wonder if there was anyone who dressed from head to toe in imitation clothing. Reddit user Aiden6, who runs the popular streetwear replica subreddit r/fashionreps, claims his wardrobe is 80 percent fake. I spoke with him so that he would tell me the whole truth about imitations.


VICE: How did you get into the world of imitation clothing?
Aiden6: Oh mate. When he was in high school, he was selling Beats by Dre headphones. I would buy them for ten euros and sell them for 30. I would make around 200 or 300 euros a week just from the sale of headphones, and from there I went on to buy clothes. It also had knock-off Beats speakers. Of everything. Right now I have about 30 different pairs of shoes.

Where did you get it all from?
A Chinese website. The Beats brand was starting to rock it back then. I saw that they were worth ten dollars there and I thought, Damn, but there is business here! I ordered some for myself and then bought ten more. That’s how I started.

I bought two

How much does that make?

I was in high school (12-13 years old). Now I am 22 years old. Hell, I’ve been in the knockoff business my whole life.

Post time: Sep-05-2022